The delegation of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, headed by the Vice Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Mitoha Ondo’O Ayekaba, visits Spain to check the progress of the Oyala Gynecology and Fertility Center project, developed by the Arpa Médica Group in Equatorial Guinea, led by the prestigious gynecologist, specialized in assisted reproduction, Doctor Ignacio Palomo Álvarez.

The delegation, headed by the Vice Minister of Health, assisted by Dr. Florentino Ondo and Doctor Oumar Balde, has visited Spain to check the progress of the Oyala Gynecology and Fertility Center health project, developed by Arpa Médica, together with the Ministry of Health.

During February 27, the delegation was able to examine firsthand the progress made in the project. They have visited reference hospital facilities in which the Arpa Médica Group carries out its activity, as well as the gynecology and assisted reproduction centers of the same health group. In addition, the delegation has been able to analyze the action plan with the different people involved in the project, represented and led by Dr. Palomo.

Among the prominent personalities present in the visit include the former Minister of Culture and Tourism, Guillermina Mekuy Mba Obono; Carlos Escudero de Burón, president of the Royal Forum of Senior Management; José Manuel Martínez, honorary president of Mapfre; different representatives of the medical team of the project (Dr. in Nutrition and Pharmaceutical, Irene Santa Cruz; Dr. Emilio Villa, specialist in Pediatrics, Dr. José Ignacio Peralba, internist and embryologist, Diana Utrera). Also present were the project’s communication director, David García Núñez, the architect Pablo Gil, responsible for setting up the hospital centers, as well as various advisors for supplies of equipment and sanitary equipment, responsible for the correct implementation and growth of the center.

Finally, the constitution statutes of the aforementioned reproduction center, pioneer in Equatorial Guinea and in much of the African continent, have been signed. This will be the first university center for gynecology and assisted reproduction in Equatorial Guinea. It is a hospital located in the city of Djibloho, whose facilities will develop a reproductive medicine based on innovative and cutting-edge scientific research, with a high quality of care. It will be a private healthcare medical center that will respond to the needs of the Equatorial Guinean society in particular and Africa, in general.

Djibloho is bordering with other countries in Central Africa such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo and the Central African Republic, with a population of more than 350 million inhabitants. Undoubtedly, this commitment of the Government of Equatorial Guinea, through a joint venture, will allow a decrease in the infertility rates of the Guineans and the African population in general, as well as an increase in the quality of healthcare.

The new health center will bring together the privacy, comfort and security of a first level center, while providing assistance to all families seeking security and trust at a more affordable cost than is usually registered for these treatments.

The management model implemented between the Government and Arpa Médica is based on the quality of patient care, laboratories and operating rooms themselves. Arpa Médica is an internationally recognized health group, led by the renowned Doctor Ignacio Palomo. It currently has two first-class health centers and collaborates with several hospitals in Spain, thus constituting a leading and pioneering group in its sector. The group develops the most appropriate reproductive solution for each woman, and through their reproduction techniques, resolves the concerns of fathers and mothers who wish to form or expand a family.

Source: Ministry of Health Communication Office

Information and Press Office of Equatorial Guinea