The spermiogram or also called a seminogram is a simple diagnostic test or test that is performed in men to assess their reproductive capacity. This study consists of a macro and microscopic analysis of the semen sample taking as reference seminal quality parameters according to the World Health Organization (WHO 2010), and is very useful when indicating personalized treatments for the couple.


1. Basic seminogram

The macroscopic parameters studied in a basic seminogram are:

  • Color and aspect analysis.
  • pH analysis.
  • Semen volume.
  • Liquefaction and viscosity.

On the other hand, the microscopic values ​​analyzed are:

  • Sperm morphology.
  • Concentration and total number of sperm.
  • Study of the mobility and vitality of sperm.
  • Presence or not of agglutinations and other non-sperm cells.

2. Spermiogram + Mobile Sperm Count

This study can be complemented with + Mobile Sperm Count. This technique allows us to modify the semen sample to select the best quality sperm. In this way we can train the sample or, what is the same, that the sperm are able to fertilize the oocyte. This is important if this sample is going to be used in an assisted reproduction treatment (in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination).

By performing the + Mobile Sperm Count before the assisted reproduction treatment we obtain very valuable information. Knowing the value of the concentration and the percentage of progressive mobility that we have obtained from the seminal sample (which will be greater or lesser according to the initial parameters of the sample), we can decide which treatment is more appropriate, but only taking into account the male factor.

3. Supplementary tests

In a semen sample, other complementary tests can be carried out, such as the study of sperm DNA fragmentation or FISH in sperm. Thus, a specific analysis and more reliable results of the sperm sample are specified.


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