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1. What is oocytes vitrification?

Vitrifying the ovules will allow you to be a mother with guarantees in the future and at the time you deem appropriate. Oocytes vitrification is one of the most notable advances in reproductive medicine in recent years. This technique consists of the ultra-fast freezing of oocytes, instead of using a traditional freezing method, so that your eggs are not damaged. In this way you can preserve motherhood with guarantees, with the aim that you can be a mother when you want
The process of vitrification of ovules consists in reducing the temperature at which the oocyte is exposed, immersing it in liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C. Due to its high cooling rate, the formation of ice crystals is avoided, which are the cause of damaging the oocyte by damaging the cellular structures.
In Spain, the birth of many children has already been achieved with this procedure, which offers pregnancy rates similar to those obtained with fresh oocytes.

2. Who can benefit from oocytes vitrification?


Any woman who wants to delay her motherhood for professional or personal reasons.


Cancer patients who will receive radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments, which can cause irreversible damage to the oocytes. With the technique of vitrification of ovules the woman can vitrify her gametes, thus having the opportunity to get pregnant once the disease is over, always under the supervision and with the consent of the oncologist.


For other medical reasons, such as the removal of an ovary.


When for ethical-moral reasons, the couple does not want to freeze embryos in an In Vitro Fertilization cycle (IVF).


For clinical situations with risk of early ovarian failure,




Autoimmune diseases


Collagen diseases


Family history of early menopause

Phases of oocytes vitrification treatment

The process of vitrification of ovules to achieve the preservation of maternity involves three phases

1. Ovarian Stimulation

Through the administration of hormonal medications, and always under the supervision of the Oyala Gynecology and Fertility Center professionals.

2. Extraction of oocytes

Through a simple intervention called follicular puncture. It is a painless and rapid intervention.

3. Vitrification of oocytes

Once the ovules are removed, the vitrification of oocytes is performed in the laboratory. After this process, your ovules remain preserved in liquid nitrogen and perfectly identified for an indefinite time.



At the moment you decide to use the oocytes, they are devitrified to fertilize them with the sperm of the couple or an anonymous donor. Subsequently, embryos are introduced into the maternal uterus, using the Intracitoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) technique.


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