At the Oyala Gynecology and Fertility Center we use the most avant-garde assisted reproduction techniques in order to improve gamete selection, and thus achieve higher success rates in fertility treatments. The MACS technique, a novel sperm selection system, is proof of this.

The MACS technique, from the English Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting; or in Spanish Classification of Magnetically Marked Cells, allows selecting the healthy and optimal sperm for fertilization of the ovum, and separate them from those with apoptotic markers, that is, those destined to die before fertilizing the oocyte.

What is the MACS technique?

MACS technology is based on the use of magnetic micro particles, attached to the Annexin V protein, which allows identifying different markers of the sperm membrane, which provide very useful information in assisted reproduction. The markers detected by the MACS identify sperm that have high fragmentation of genetic material. This characteristic of gametes translates into a low percentage of fertilization and embryo implantation.

Thus, after adding the MACS technique to the semen sample and maintaining an incubation period, the magnetic microb-particles detect and retain apoptotic sperm, that is, those with high DNA fragmentation, letting only those healthy and optimal for fertilization. This increases the chances of pregnancy.

When is the technique indicated?

MACS technology can be complemented with other techniques aimed at achieving pregnancy, and are especially indicated in the following cases:


Couples in which the male has a high fragmentation in the sperm DNA.


Couples with repeat abortions.


Couples who have completed at least one cycle and who, despite having good ovocitary quality, have not been successful in the assisted reproduction treatment.


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