Djibloho: the province

What is Djibloho?

The GFO is located inside the Grand Hotel Djibloho in the Oyala district that belongs to the city of La Paz, Djibloho province, Equatorial Guinea.

What does the province of Djibloho represent?

It is a research, innovation, education and health center that wants to be the reference of the continent starting from Central Africa. The area is endowed with a potential network of resources and services. The Central African University, hotel services and a unique environment make Djibloho an urban reference in Equatorial Guinea and Africa.

Its design combines modernity and respect for the country’s cultural roots, promoting local identity and the richness of the ecosystem in which it operate.

Good connections

The possibilities of arriving in Djibloho are:

By Plane

By plane from the island of Bioko where Malabo, Equatorial Guinean capital is located. From Malabo available four daily flights to Bata with the national company Ceiba Intercontinental or with Cronos with three flights a day.

Ceiba Intercontinental also offers the possibility of arriving in Mongomoyen, at the new Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo airport, four times a week (Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) which is only twenty kilometers from the city of Djibloho.

By Highway

By road from anywhere on the mainland. By road from Bata in the direction of Mongomo. The city of Djibloho is 160km from Bata, passing through Niefang, Ayantang and Añisok. Ninety minutes from an avant-garde highway surrounded by pure nature.

What is the Grand Hotel Djibloho today?

The GFO is located on the premises of the Grand Hotel Djibloho, a hotel that meets all the services and requirements of great luxury, with more than 1,600 seats, in the heart of the future new administrative capital of Equatorial Guinea and only 20 kilometers from the airport of Mongomeyen by highway.

The city of La Paz is a modern city that will be a new point of attraction in Equatorial Guinea, due to its urban, ecological structure and its ability to promote dynamism along the Wele River.

What will Djibloho be with the commissioning of the fertility center?

With the GFO, the vision of His Excellency, the President of the Nation, turns the city of Djibloho into the sanitary heart of Equatorial Guinea, in particular, and of Africa, in general.


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Grand Hotel Djibloho, Djibloho (Guinea Ecuatorial)