Causes of Infertility

The causes may lie in the male (30%), in the female (30%) or in both and even, in some cases, the cause may become inexplicable.

Male infertility

As for men, the main causes of male infertility are:

  • Alterations of the genital tract that make it impossible to deposit semen at the bottom of the vagina during intercourse
  • Erection problems
  • Alterations in semen production (decreased quality and quantity of semen)
  • Abnormal situation of the urinary meatus, very pronounced curvatures of the penis or a large decrease thereof
  • Extreme obesity

Feminine infertility

80% of female sterility cases are mainly due to:

  • Advanced age: from 35 years the reproductive potential decreases and after 40 years, the possibility of pregnancy is less than 10%
  • Tube-peritoneal factor: when the fallopian tubes encounter some type of injury
  • Endometriosis: when the uterine tissue is outside the uterus
  • Other risk factors: myomas; sexually transmitted diseases; chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, thyroid disease, asthma or depression. Taking medication as antidepressants.


Male causes

Alterations in the testicular area, duct obstruction, prostate pathologies, ejaculation or erection alterations and semen issues.


Female causes

Early menopause, endometriosis, obstructions or lesions of the fallopian tubes, uterine and cervical abnormalities or ovulatory problems.


Mixed causes

In which the two members of the couple are responsible.


Unexplained Causes

In some cases the cause could not be identified.


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