1. What is artificial insemination with donor?

Artificial donor insemination (IAD) is an assisted reproduction technique in which the sperm of an anonymous and safe donor is used for you, through a semen bank, to inject into your uterus or cervical canal through a special cannula

It is a simple treatment in which the donor sperm sample is selected by different sperm training techniques to only introduce sperm of good quality.

2. When is artificial insemination with donor (IAD) recommended?

Artificial insemination treatment with donor is recommended in the following cases:


Couples in which the male has a severe and irreversible semen alteration or inability in the testicles to make sperm.


Couples in which the male presents hereditary diseases that can be transmitted to the children.


Women with female partner.


Women without a partner who want to be mothers.

Treatment phases

The steps to follow in artificial insemination with donor are practically the same as in artificial insemination, the main difference is that the semen used is from an anonymous donor, but that fits your characteristics and those of your partner. The phases of this treatment are as follows.

1. Control and stimulation of ovulation

For ovulation stimulation we will provide you with the necessary medication and, from that moment, we can start walking together. Treatment begins with the administration of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). We will control the development of the cycle by ultrasound monitoring of the follicular development in the ovaries, until checking that the number and size of the follicles is adequate (only one follicle is necessary). It is then when another hormone that mimics LH (luteostimulating hormone) is administered and your egg is released

2. Donor semen preparation

Donor semen meets optimal quality conditions, and comes from a healthy male whose sperm production has been previously studied. Semen donors pass rigorous medical checks (semen analysis, blood and urine analysis, general examination, study of sexually transmitted diseases and psychological examination) to ensure their quality. The donation is altruistic and anonymous, so you will not know the identity of the donor. Using donor semen is highly safe, because in addition to passing the pre-donation controls, the semen freezes before use and remains unused for a minimum of 6 months. Then, a new study of the sample is carried out to rule out the existence of certain diseases.

3. Insemination

Insemination is a process that does not require anesthesia because it is painless, all very simple for you. The sample selected with the best quality sperm is inserted into your uterus and injected with a special cannula.


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